"Rudolph P. Rosanova @ United Remodeling Corporation is a remodeling rock star! Rudy is fantastic to work with, exceptional at his craft and very honest with a get down to business work ethic. He offered various options for our project that met our taste. Rudy is reliable, conscientious, courteous and a perfectionist. He delivered within budget and on time. And above all, you can trust him! We will call on him again without hesitation. Thanks again, Rudy!" 

Claude - Chicago, IL

"I knew Rudy was someone I could trust immediately after the first time he worked on our house.  Over the past four years, Rudy has been maintaining two residential properties for us.  I always feel confident, comfortable, and certain everything will be taken care of appropriately, professionally, safely, thoroughly, and in perfect working order.  

Additionally, Rudy understands how home facilities work properly and can identify potential challenges before the need arises.  This is truly an exceptional quality and much needed in maintaining homes for their proper working order.  

I know you will be pleasantly surprised and comfortable as you do not see this type of workmanship and caring anymore.  I highly recommend hiring Rudy for all of your home maintenance and remodeling needs."

Danya -Highland Park, IL

"I want to first commend Mr. Rosanova for his utmost professionalism. I should say that I am a perfectionist and I demand the same when I am paying a company for services rendered, from start to end. I have had the true pleasure of having United Remodeling Corporation come into my newly purchased Victorian home. It was important to me to keep our new home true to its original era. I have had several construction companies come into my home to discuss my wishes, only to have them try to talk me out of what I wanted to do. I was at whits
its end and was referred to Mr. Rosanova thru a co-worker who gave his nameto me, after telling her my troubles. She couldn't say enough about him, but being a skeptical I had to meet him to see for myself. My main concern in my home was an upstairs bathroom...Mr. Rosanova arrived promptly at our scheduled time and upon coming into my home, he first took off his work boots without me having to ask. I was impressed from the get go. He was obviously very respectful. We talked for a moment and went upstairs to the bathroom...I explained in detail, in which he listened to everything I wanted done, without interrupting me and simply said, "I don't see any problem with what you would like to do... I said, "Really?" We talked more and with his experience, he pointed out something with the shower and bathtub, that could be a potential problem in the future...this was something that not one of the other companies had pointed out to me. Mr. Rosanova, has saved me a few thousand dollars, in the long run. Having listened to him, it made sense to me and I took his advice. I must say, United Remodeling Corporation will be doing all of the work in my home from now on! Thank you Mr. Rosanova for caring about what I wanted." 

Gina - Lake Forest, IL

"I absolutely cannot say enough about Rudy & United Remodeling corporation From installing a new garage door opener due to a bad roof leak,(and by the way he not only installed the new opener, but he cleaned the whole garage) to coming to my assistance at 2:30 in the morning because a hose broke on my washing machine. The first time I had work done by Rudy was during the winter. My 20-year-old heater finally stopped working. He installed the new heater, which was 99% custom-made. Aside from replacing faucets in my kitchen and bathroom, installing a garbage disposal, putting up new light fixtures, there is just not a job too big or too small for Rudy! However, the one thing I noticed the most about Rudy, he really cares about people and takes pride in his work."

Mickey - Schaumburg, IL



"I cannot more highly recommend United Remodeling Corporation for all of your construction, remodeling, repair, and related needs.  I have had the fortunate experience of knowing Rudy Rosanova, the owner, for three years.  During that time he has shown me that he is prompt and responsive.  He is conscientious and meticulous.  Everything he has repaired, replaced, and remodeled in my home has been picture perfect.  Aside from being able to take anything (and I mean anything) apart and put it back together again in good working condition, he is a wonderful, talented, thoughtful person.  Rudy treats your home as if it were his own."

Ellen - Chicago, IL


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